Amnesty for Mirzokhuja Ismoilov is under the question

Mirzokhuja Ismoilov, who returned to Tajikistan on 29th of September counting on the authorities’ promise of amnesty, was being forced to regard himself as a member of IRPT and regret for that so that he would be granted amnesty.

It was reported by a reliable source from Sughd close to the «Isloh» (website).

We remind that «Akhbor» website spread the news about Mirzokhuja Ismoilov returning to Tajikistan from Germany on 29th of September and being granted amnesty. Authorities regard him as a member of IRPT. IRPT representatives reject this claim.

However, the information sent to «Isloh» on Telegram states that Mirzokhuja didn’t leave for Tajikistan from Germany, but stayed in Kazakhstan for 8 months before going to Tajikistan. In addition, according to another reliable information we received, Mirzokhuja has never been a member of IRPT. The source says that Mirzokhuja and the dissidents had different points of view, and he regarded political activities pointless.

«Mirzokhuja used to stay in Madina city for some time. He used to be around those who didn’t have good views on political parties. He has memorized some part of the Quran and knows Arabic language to some extent.» — the source reports.

According to the source, Mirzokhuja after returning from Saudi Arabia in 2015 firstly goes to Russia and in the beginning of 2016 leaves for Belarus in order to reach Europe through the boarders. After not being able to reach Europe through the boarders, he then returns to Russia and gets Lithuanian visa to make his way to Europe. Later he leaves for Germany and there applies for the refugee status.

The German authorities reject his request to get the refugee status. Even though he then appeals twice in a row, his application is still rejected.

Later on he decides to leave Europe. Firstly he goes to Kazakhstan and stays there for around eight months. While his stay in Kazakhstan, his parents ask him to return to Tajikistan. The security authorities of Maschoh, the prosecutor’s office of Maschoh and the committee leader of the Maschoh force his parents to tell their son to return to Tajikistan and their son will be granted amnesty if returns back.

Finally, on 29th of September Mirzokhuja returns to Tajikistan, but being granted amnesty doesn’t come easy for him.

In accordance to the information received, Mirzokhuja Ismoilov returned to Tajikistan through the borders. However, only for few hours he was with his family and relatives. After staying for some hours in his parents’ house, he was invited to the security authorities of Maschoh and from there he was sent to the State Committee of National Security’s (SCNS) department in Sughd. Being arrested till 5th of October in the detention center of SCNS department, Mirzokhuja was forced to admit that during the annual OSCE conference in 2016 he was a participant along with other dissidents. However, he rejects it. While leaving the detention center he was told that he might be invited to SCNS department again and might be arrested again unless he admits being a member of IRPT and taking part in OSCE conference of the year 2016.

The authorities invited the relatives of Mirzokhuja Ismoilov and showed them a picture taken in OSCE conference pointing to a person and forced them to confirm Mirzokhuja being in that picture. But, they all refuse to confirm and claim that the person in the picture is not Mirzokhuja.

After that, Security authorities invited some ex-members of IRPT so that they confirmed that Mirzokhuja had been a member of IRPT in past. This time again everyone refuses to confirm this claim.

One of the ex-members of IRPT, who didn’t want his name to be mentioned, told us that the list of ex-members of IRPT after 2015 parliamentary elections was forcibly given to the Maschoh Security authorities via IPRT’s ex-officials.

«The SCNS department officials in Maschoh are very well aware that Mirzokhuja has never been a member of IRPT. In addition, he used to live most of the time in Spitamen»-reports the source.

In accordance to the information received, also the ex-chairman of IRPT in Spitamen, Safarmahmad Abdulloev, confirmed that Mirzokhuja had never been a member of IRPT, but rather had different views than the IRPT members.

Muhammadikboli Sadriddin also confirmed that there was no one called Mirzokhuja Ismoilov taking part in OSCE 2016.

«I was a participant of OSCE conference in 2016. I gave two speeches, one in Tajik and the other in Arabic languages. Also I was discussing Emomali’s regime around 40 minutes which was recorded by a few journalists. On the matter of those who entered the hall wearing the shirts with political prisoners’ photos, I know very well each of them personally. Among them there was no one known as Mirzokhuja Ismoilov»- reports Muhammadikboli Sadriddin.

He said: «Among those friends there was no one living outside of Poland. How is it possible to forget those who were wearing shirts with political prisoners’ pictures? One of those was Abdusamad Abdusattorov, whose mother was put under pressure by the Panj Security authorities and in result she died. Participants wearing special shirts were the main reason why Tajik officials couldn’t stay any longer in the conference and left with much shame .»

Ilhomjon Yoqubov, the leader of the Association of Central Asian migrants and the ex-chairman of IRPT in Sughd, who was a participant in that conference and was responsible for leading Tajik dissidents in that conference, said that he had not been seen in the 2016 OSCE conference.

«From the information that we have, during the days of OSCE 2016 conference, Mirzokhuja Ismoilov was in Germany and had already applied for getting the refugee status. According to the rules and policies, he had no right to leave Germany unless there was a decision made on his application. In 2016 many dissidents who had applied for the refugee status in other European countries, couldn’t take part in 2016 OSCE conference due to the fact that no decision had been made on their application by that time. Jannatullohi Komil, ex-leader of IRPT in Germany, couldn’t participate in the OSCE conference that took place this year in Warsaw due to the same reason. Now you can imagine the allegations made by the Tajik authorities.» — reports Ilhomjon Yoqubov.

Muhammadjoni Abdujalil, who lives in the Saudi Arabia and is Mirzokhuja’s relative, said that Mirzokhuja and the dissidents had different points of view, he regarded political activities pointless and while his stay in Saudi Arabia, he used to be around those who had nothing in common with political and Islamic parties.

«Actually Mirzokhuja didn’t have enough Islamic knowledge. He wasn’t studying at any university in Madina. One two years that he was in Saudi Arabia, he used to take part in some study workshops in Harram. Even our views were different than his. We weren’t getting into debates with him much because he had good character.» — reports Muhammadjoni Abdujalil.

It is worth to mention that authorities try to return back to Tajikistan dissidents and political activists promising to grant them amnesty under art. 307 of the criminal code of the Republic of Tajikistan. Only in 2018 more than 200 dissidents and political activists returned to Tajikistan counting on this chance to be granted amnesty. Among them were members of «Group 24» political movement and members of IRPT. Among the names there were some popular names such as Saidibrohimi Nazar, Ayomiddin Sattorov that were members of IRPT and Mehrubon Sattorov, Fayzullojon Safarov and Oyatullo Gilyaev, ex-members of «Group 24».

Right after returning to Tajikistan most of them posted on social networks that they look forward to going abroad again. Mehrubon Sattorov that returned back to Tajikistan on June 27th, shared a video on June 29th where he said he had been kept in detention center for only two days. According to him his case had to be reviewed by the General Prosecutors office within a week, after which he would be able to travel abroad again. On that day he announced that he would leave for Russia within a week after the case is closed. However, he has not been able to leave Tajikistan for almost four months and according to the information received, those who Mehrubon owes money to, are awaiting him in Russia to have their money back.

The other ex-member of «Group 24», who has been granted amnesty after his return to Tajikistan, was about to leave Tajikistan for Russia on October 5th. But for some unknown reasons he has not yet left Tajikistan. He announced that he would go to Russia and invite his former colleagues to leave the political movement «Group 24». We see that being granted amnesty he cannot travel abroad which would benefit the Tajik authorities.

Ayomiddin Sattorov, ex-member of IRPT, who left for Tajikistan counting on the authorities’ promise of granting amnesty, came to Warsaw along with Tajikistan representatives to take part in the OSCE conference. All the time he was with the officials and they didn’t leave him alone even for a minute.

The situation of these people is known to God and themselves. They claim to be granted amnesty, however the situation that they are in and which is known to everyone, isn’t the situation of someone who is granted amnesty.

It should be noted that the authorities have never been truthful when it comes to the agreements. An intelligent Muslim is not bitten by the snake twice. As the proverb says, measure seven times — cut once.

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