Stop torturing political prisoners!

The Civil Committee for the Rescue of Political Hostages and Prisoners of Tajikistan expresses huge concerns on the matter of continuously torturing political prisoners in Tajikistan.

Convicted members of the IRPT, Muhammadali Fayzmuhammad and Jaloliddin Mahmud, were placed in a hospital as a result of being seriously beaten and being tortured by the use of prohibited methods of physical violence.

According to the information received, the intelligence services firstly tried to persuade and then tried to force them to speak in front of the camera to make statements against the IRPT and its leadership. These two political prisoners were told to condemn in front of the camera the IRPT, its activities and its chairman Muhiddin Kabiri. Forcing convicted prisoners to make political statements opposes the claim of Tajik authorities saying that there are no political prisoners.

If authorities wanted to give an opportunity to opposition parties to speak out, they would allow them to speak in front of the press and advocates.

Continuing cruel torture and ill treatment of political prisoners violates the constitution, the rights of citizens in detention and the international obligations that Tajikistan has undertaken.

We demand from the Tajik authorities to stop the illegal and inhuman practice of torture against political prisoners. We bring the attention of International institutions to the ongoing serious violations of rights and international conventions.

We demand letting relatives, lawyers and representatives of international organizations to meet with convicted prisoners.

The media earlier reported transferring Muhammadali Fayzmuhammad and Hikmatulloh Sayfullozoda from prison to investigatory isolation. However the reason behind this tranfer was not mentioned.

In 2015 Jaloliddin Mahmud was sentenced to 5 years and should be released within a few days.

Muhammadali Fayzmuhammad along with the other 13 IRPT members were detained in September 2015 and were sentenced to 23 years of prison.

The Civil Committee for the Rescue of Political Hostages and Prisoners of Tajikistan


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