Resolution of the rally of Tajik civil society and political emigrants outside the Embassy of the Republic of Tajikistan in Berlin

We, representatives of the civil society, citizens of Tajikistan residing in Europe, gathered on the International Day for the Protection of Human Rights at the Embassy of the Republic of Tajikistan in Berlin, on behalf of all our fellow citizens deprived of their basic human rights in their homeland, declare:

1. We require the Government of Tajikistan to fulfill the request of the UN Human Rights Committee to release without any conditions the initiator of the creation of the New Tajikistan party Mr. Zaid Saidov, the deputy head of the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan Mr. Mahmadali Haitov, as well as the requirements of International human rights organizations for the release of lawyer Me. Buzurgmehr Yorov. All three were convicted unlawfully in violation of the procedural rules on fabricated charges were sentenced to 29 years imprisonment and to 28 years in prison, respectively. Tajikistan as a member of the UN must satisfy this request, including in accordance with the request of the UN Committee — to return the confiscated property to the released one and compensate them for moral and material damage.

2. We demand the release of Mr. Makhmadruzi Iskandarov, the head of the Democratic Party of Tajikistan sentenced to 23 years imprisonment, and Maksud Ibrahimov, head of the NGO Youth of Tajikistan for Reforms, who was sentenced to 17 years of imprisonment. The both were abducted from Russian Federation and sent to Tajikistan. They were also convicted unlawfully with numerous violations.

3. We demand from the Tajik authorities to shed light on the fate of the blogger Ehson Odinayev who was kidnapped in 2015 in St. Petersburg, who, according to sources, was seen alive in the basement of the security forces of Tajikistan (GKNB).

4. We demand from the Tajik authorities to publish a complete list of the dead and wounded prisoners in the jail of the ITK 3/3 strict regime colony in Khujand on November 7, 2018. We demand the punishment of the perpetrators of this mass execution according to the laws of Tajikistan. The dismissal and detention of several officers of the prison cannot be an adequate response to the killing of at least five dozen unarmed people. Those who gave orders to the riot police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Alpha of GKNB Group to open fire on unarmed inmates should be named and punished in accordance with the laws. Otherwise, we will demand an International investigation and punishment of the perpetrators of this crime against humanity in an International court.

5. We demand that Tajik law enforcement agencies stop torture and ill-treatment of prisoners. Numerous testimonies that continue to come from places of detention suggest that Tajik prisoners are subjected to the most cruel and inhuman types of torture and humiliation. This common daily practice is contrary to both international legal acts and the laws of Tajikistan. We remind the Tajik authorities that Tajikistan is a party to the “Convention against torture and other ill-treatment” and call on the Tajik authorities to abide by our country’s international obligations.

6. We demand to immediately stop putting pressure on parents and other relatives of critics of the authorities and opposition members. After once again, in 2015, thousands of oppositionists left Tajikistan, the authorities are persecuting their relatives. Today, among political refugees outside Tajikistan, including in Europe, there is not one whose relatives have not been subjected to threats and harassment by the Tajik authorities. Employees of the GKNB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan do not disdain to invade relatives of opposition members without agendas or without agendas to call on their humiliating, humiliating, accompanied by intimidations and insults, interrogations of even 70-90-year olds and bring them to heart attack, stroke and death. The last such crime was bringing the mother of a political émigré in Europe, Sulaymon Davlatov, to a stroke.

7. In connection with the International Day for the Protection of Human Rights, which also applies to Tajikistan as a member of the international community and in accordance with the Constitution of a democratic state, a member of the “Convention against Torture”, who also joined the moratorium on the death penalty, we declare that the Tajik authorities do not comply their international obligations and that their actions are contrary to generally accepted civilized norms, contrary to the laws and the Constitution of Tajikistan.

We hope Honourable Ambassador of the Republic of Tajikistan to the Federal Republic of Germany will convey our opinion and our demands to the leadership of Tajikistan, especially to the head of the country, Emomali Rahmon, who in his capacity must be the guarantor of the Constitution.


Berlin, Germany

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