The statement of the protest of Tajik political emigrants outside the Bundestag building (Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany)

We, citizens of Tajikistan living in European countries, on 10th of December, 2018 urge the respected German parliamentarians, who without any doubt express the will of people of Germany and have an impact on decision-making:

Today, on the International Day for the Protection of Human Rights, we Tajiks, whose rights are violated by our country’s authorities, urge you and the whole civilized and freedom loving world.

Since 2015 Tajik authorities have unleashed campaign of harassment and brutal repression against the opposition and dissenters in the country and outside of it. The activities of the opposition parliamentary party were banned without any evidence. Its leaders were thrown to prison for periods up to life imprisonment. The lawyers who tried to defend them were also sent to prison. The lawyer, Buzurgmehr Yorov, was sentenced to 28 years on fabricated charges, Nuriddin Makhkamov received 21 years of imprisonment.

A few other lawyers were subjected to harassment and were deprived of their licenses. Hundreds of dissidents were sentenced to imprisonment behind closed doors without legal protection and involvement of media. Tens of thousands of other dissidents had to leave Tajikistan and seek refuge in the Commonwealth of Independent States and beyond.

We, citizens of Tajikistan, who found refuge in Germany and other European countries, express our deep gratitude to the parliamentarians of the Federal Republic of Germany and all other countries that took us under the international protection of the civilized world. We thank all of those who saw equals in us, who strive to make their country free, progressive, developed, safe for all and prosperous in order to make it possible for everyone to live in it with their heads up. However, it is possible if and only if the government in our country respects political, social and spiritual rights of all of its citizens.

In this regard, we’d like to note that if investors, donors and creditors demanded a clear report from the government, the repressive practice of the political repression of the dictatorial regime of Emomali Rahmon could not have been accomplished for more than two decades. The EU, budgets of the European countries, international institutions and banks, particularly, the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and KfW, the largest German bank, allocate money for strengthening democracy in Tajikistan. However, the money is spent on strengthening the dictatorship and repression against dissidents.

Clearing political field, the pursuit of active expressions of dissent is achieved in the name of anti-terrorism and extremism. The main goal of the dictator, who came to power as a result of illegally removing President Nabiyev in 1992 and has been illegally holding the power for 26 years, is to remove all the barriers and transfer power by inheritance.

Nevertheless, the repression of the moderate Islamic former parliamentary opposition has a reverse effect. Tajik authorities provoke the radicalization of youngsters with their repressions, and contribute to the recruitment of underground uncontrolled radicals in the Islamic State. Furthermore, the authorities pit the followers of different Islamic sects against each other and use the Salafis against IRPT and the Ismailis of Tajikistan’s Badakhshon. This is an irresponsible and very dangerous game for the entire region of Central Asia and the regime of Rahmon is playing this game to maintain power and transfer it by inheritance.

In this regard, we call upon you not to be indifferent in forming and implementing political and economic agenda towards Rahmon’s regime. Feeding this corrupt and repressive machine creates efficiency with a minus sign.

Ignoring repression and brutal human rights violations in Tajikistan and funding the regime inspire the regime for further repressions, which encourage the radicalization of youngsters and increase the number of political and economic refugees. We believe that members of parliament and the governments of democratic countries along with international institutions will become more demanding on the Tajik authorities concerning international obligations and the country’s Constitution. We call upon you to depend your help and funding on the fulfilment of these conditions.

We call upon you and the whole international community to achieve with us the immediate and unconditional release of political prisoners, the end of the practice of torture in the country, political abductions in other countries, uncompetitive closed courts — trials, the blocking of access to the internet and the pursuit of media and journalists, the cessation of extrajudicial executions in prisons, persecution for opinion and conduct of protests.

We demand restoration of rights of the Tajik attorney corps, that are unable to protect the citizens of Tajikistan fully. The Tajik authorities also must lift illegal bans on the activities of opposition parties and movements. We call upon you to contribute to the protection of freedom of speech, independent journalists and the media.

We call upon you to demand from the Tajik authorities to immediately end harassment of the relatives of political activists.

We aim to achieve independence from each other of three branches of government: executive, legislative and judicial. Unfortunately, the last two mentioned branches depend on the first one and serve to it. We aim to demand transparency for the media and society of state institutions that are closed and corrupt. We call upon you and members of parliament of European countries not to allow support and funding of the regime of Rahmon until he stops violating the Constitution and international obligations, gives up on persecution of dissidents in Tajikistan and beyond. To compel the Tajik authorities to respect human rights, we urge members of parliament of free democratic countries to contribute to the formation of the Tajik Magnitsky list:

1. Emomali Rahmon, President of Tajikistan since 1994;

2. Saymumin Yatimov, Chief of SCNS since 2010;

3. Ramazon Rahimzoda, Minister of Internal Affairs since 2011;

4. Shermuhammad Shohiyon, Chief of the Supreme Court;

5. Izzatullo Sharifzoda, former General Directorate for the Execution of Criminal Sentences of the Ministry of Justice of Tajikistan;

6. Yusuf Rahmon Ahmadzod, Attorney General;

7. Beg Zuhurov (Saburi) — Chief of communications service of Tajikistan.

The dossier with unconstitutional acts and the facts of brutal criminal violations of the laws of Tajikistan and fundamental human rights by the above mentioned persons are attached as a separate document.


Berlin, Germany

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