Appeal to the President of the EC Donald Tusk from relatives of Tajik political prisoners

President of European Council, Mr. Donald Franciszek Tusk

On behalf of a group of relatives of the political prisoners, who convicted politically in Tajikistan for long periods.


Dear President,

We, a group of relatives of Tajik political prisoners, welcome and fully hope your visit to Tajikistan on May 30, 2019, as part of a tour to Central Asia will be fruitful and successful.

We highly appreciate the efforts of the European Union in assisting our country on the path to democratization and prosperity.

We hope that during the meeting with President Rahmon and other authorities you will raise issues of human rights violations, in particular, the situation of the political prisoners in the country. Although the official authorities of Tajikistan deny the existence of political prisoners, the analysis conducted by independent human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch, FreedomHouse, FreedomNow, HFHR and the recommendations of the UN Human Rights Committee regarding Zaid Saidov, Mahmadali Hait and Buzurgmehr Yorov speak about the existence of political prisoners in the country.

We are confident that the EU, by providing different assistance to Tajikistan, wants to see our homeland prosperous, stable and modernized. The stability of any country is based on the rule of law and adherence to democratic principles of society. In democratic countries, the presence of political prisoners is not acceptable.

At the moment, there are more than 200 prisoners, who are politically sentenced to long terms in prisons. They are businessmen, political figures, activists, lawyers, journalists and people of other professions who openly expressed their opinions regarding the situations in the country or criticized the government for the mistakes and mismanagement (the list of political prisoners of Tajikistan is attached to the Appeal). All of them were imprisoned on fabricated and false charges for long periods in prisons and some of them are no longer alive.

We hope that during your meeting with President Rahmon, you will raise the question of the implementation of the recommendations of the UN Human Rights Committee regarding the immediate release of Zaid Saidov, Mahmadali Hait and Buzurgmehr Yorov.

It is worthy to not that at this time the case of 11 other Tajik political prisoners are already under consideration by the UN Human Rights Committee.

We also ask you to demand fair investigation about the mass killings of prisoners in the Khujand and Vahdat prisons, which have taken place within the past six months, and as a result of which more than 70 were killed and more than 100 prisoners were injured. Three political prisoners; Said Kiyomidin Ghozi, Karimov Sattor and ShaykhTemur were killed in the Vakhdat prison.

We want you to demand the head of state for explanations about mass and systematic cases of torture of political prisoners as well as to demand the results of the investigation into the complaints of the spouses Mahmadali Khait, Rahmatulloi Rajab and others about the use of torture against their spouses in the prisons.

We, relatives of Tajik political prisoners, express our deep concern about the health and safety of our relatives in the prisons, where there is no necessarily medical care. We are deeply concerned that there is a high probability that our jailed family members will not live to the end of the sentences, they are serving.

Therefore, we hope that during your visit to Tajikistan, President Rahmon will hear from you about the unbearable situations of political prisoners and you will discuss how to make an end to inhumane and degrading treatments, tortures and harassment of our beloved ones.

Yours faithfully,

A group of relatives of Tajik political prisoners

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