CCPPHP statement on pressure on Muhammadiqboli Sadriddin and the threat of confiscation of his house!

The Сivil committee for the protection of political hostages and prisoners (CCPPHP) strongly condemns the pressure on the media activist and director of „Isloh“ analytical center and the threatens to confiscate his home by law enforcement agencies of Tajikistan, and calls on human rights and freedom of expression organizations and Reporters Without Borders to demand an end to the pressure on the above-mentioned media activist.

For some time, pressure from Tajik law enforcement agencies, in particular the Prosecutor General’s Office and the State Committee for National Security, on Muhammadiqboli Sadriddin (Sadurdinov Muhamadiqbol), director of the “Isloh“ analytical center, has been increasing. Law enforcement agencies threatened to confiscate the home of this media activist in Tajikistan.

In addition, almost daily articles against this media activist are published on official and state websites of Tajikistan, the last of which is an article in AOT «Khovar» called «PORTRET OF A SWINDLER“ What do we know about scammers and how not to get caught in the tricks of these criminals? ( His relatives are also under psychological pressure and stress inside the country.

These actions by law enforcement agencies and the threat of confiscating the house of Muhammadiqboli Sadriddin took place at a time when he was not on trial and no charges were brought against him.

Therefore, the CCPPHP considers such illegal actions of Tajik law enforcement agencies to be contrary not only to the laws and international norms signed by the Government of Tajikistan, but also to the laws in force in Tajikistan. Article 20 of the Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan reads as follows: No one shall be considered guilty of a crime except by the sentence of a court in accordance with the law. No one shall be responsible after the expiry of the term of criminal prosecution as well as for the action, which is in the moment of its perpetration, is not regarded as a crime. No one shall be convicted twice for one and the same crime. A law adopted after the commission of an illegal act by a person and that envisages severe punishment for that act shall not be retroactive. If, after the commission of an illegal act a punishment is not envisaged or a light punishment is envisaged, the new law shall be applicable. Total confiscation of the property of a convicted person shall be prohibited.

The CCPPHP recalls that all these illegal actions by the Tajik government are directed exclusively against the journalistic and media activities of Muhammadiqboli Sadriddin. It should be noted that most of these accusations were made by the General Prosecutor’s Office of Tajikistan.

Strongly condemning the repression of a media activist by the Tajik security services, the CCPPHP calls on human rights and freedom of expression organizations, as well as Reporters Without Borders, to call on the Tajik government to stop repressions against the political activist and his relatives.

The Сivil committee for the protection of political hostages and prisoners in Tajikistan (CCPPHP)


Warsaw, Poland

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