Open letter to Mr. Emmanuel Macron, the President of the Republic of France



Dear Mr. President!

The Exhibition of historical items entitled “Tajikistan – the land of golden rivers” opens in the capital of France from October 13, 2021. As part of this event, the visit of the President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon to France and his meeting with you is also planned. This is Rahmon’s second visit during your presidency.

In 2019, on the eve of Rahmon’s first visit to France, Human Rights Watch and Reporters Without Borders briefed you and the International Community in their official letter on the human rights situation and freedom of expression in Tajikistan. While the world recognizes France as the defender of democracy and human freedom, Rahmon’s visit to France and your meeting with the dictatorial and authoritarian president raised concerns in the Committee for the Release of Political Hostages and Prisoners of Tajikistan (NCRPH), which has witnessed the persecution and oppression of political prisoners in Tajikistan.

There is no doubt that Emomali Rahmon adheres to neither the Constitution of his country nor internationally recognized principles and standards in the field of Human Rights, since he has been in power for almost 30 years, leaving no chance for relative freedoms for his citizens.

A few days ago, in his official speech to the people, he openly stated that “people can freely pray and fast, but not interfere in the politics and affairs of the state. People who interfere will be punished according to the law». By this, Rahmon openly threatened the people that his will is the law and that the entire government is in his hands and in the hands of his family.

That is why hundreds of Rahmon’s political opponents are in prisons without charge, and the persecution of opponents of his policies is intensifying. Such persecution and torture of the opposition is not observed in any other country in the world. As a result, thousands of people leave Tajikistan and seek asylum in European countries where human rights and democracy are respected. If this situation continues, Tajikistan will be in a worse position than Afghanistan.

Dear Mr. President! The Committee for the Release of Political Hostages and Prisoners of Tajikistan with respect asks you to address Rahmon at the negotiating table with the following reques:

1- to end the imprisonment of political opponents, torture in prisons and pressure on prisoners’ families;

2- release political prisoners whose list was submitted to the Government of Tajikistan by the UN Human Rights Committee and who were acquitted;

3- free the government from the influence of their relatives and put an end to parochialism;

4- end corruption throughout the government;

5- not to impose restrictions on the activities of political parties, groups and movements in the country, to introduce free and transparent elections in the country;

6- demonstrate adherence to the Constitution of the country and the Norms of International Human Rights in practice;

We also hope that Mr. President will once again focus on the plight of Afghan refugees stranded at the Tajik-Afghan border in order to consider allowing them to enter Tajikistan in accordance with international law.

We believe that these requests, Mr. Macron, will not remain unanswered and will be considered during the meeting.


The National Committee for the Release of Political Hostages and Prisoners of Tajikistan


Warsaw, Poland

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