We, family members and close relatives of Nusratullo Saidov, whom Law enforcement agencies of Tajikistan have been detaining for several days on completely unfounded grounds, have gathered in front of the Embassy of the Republic of Tajikistan in Berlin, Germany, to protest this inhuman treatment and demand that the relevant authorities release him immediately.

Nusratullo Saidov is not guilty of anything, so that he would be treated like that. His only «fault» is that he is the nephew of Said Abdullah Nuri, the founder and one of the pillars of peace and national unity in Tajikistan. He could have left Tajikistan in those early days of pressure on the opposition, but he stayed in the country.

The fact that the authorities say that the money he spends on disabled people is allegedly sent to him from abroad is baseless and slanderous. Yes, he helps the disabled, neither he nor we deny it, but getting paid for it from another country is a very baseless slander.

Nusratullo Saidov is the head of the farm-household, and he is economically secure, he does not need to receive money to help someone. Rather, his human conscience drives him to share his bread and help those in need. Therefore, the Tajik authorities should be glad that a Tajik citizen with his money and property can help those in need. Your action actually conveys the message that no one has the right to help the needy and let them die from hunger and poverty.

Recall that, in our opinion, the main reason for the detention of Nusratullo Saidov by Tajik law enforcement agencies is the appointment of Muhammadjon Nuri, the son of the late Saidabdullo Nuri, as deputy chairman of the the National Committee for the Release of Political Hostages and Prisoners of Tajikistan (NCRPH). The authorities should know that the activities of Muhammadjon Nuri have nothing to do with his relatives in Tajikistan, especially with Nusratullo Saidov. In principle, it is a shame that citizens of Tajikistan are detained and persecuted for the activities of one of their relatives.

Therefore, we call on all human rights organizations and institutions inside and outside of Tajikistan not to be silent, to advocate for the release of Nusratullo Saidov and hundreds of other political prisoners and innocent people in Tajikistan, and to increase pressure on the government of Tajikistan, in order to stop their inhuman behavior.

We, family members and close relatives of Nusratullo Saidov, are grateful to all political groups and parties of Tajikistan, individuals and legal entities who expressed their condolences and did not leave us alone at this difficult time.

Finally, our message to the Tajik authorities is that our protest action is the first step. If you do not immediately release Nusratullo Saidov, we are considering other steps and we will not stand idly until Nusratullo Saidov is released.


Family members and relatives of Nusratullo Saidov

Berlin, Germany

February 4, 2022

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