To German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission and Head of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees

Ladies and Gentlemen!

The National Committee for the Release of Political Hostages and Prisoners, located in Europe is gravely concerned on extradition of Abdullahi Shamsiddin from Germany to Tajikistan. Extraditing this asylum seeker the German Government violated not only the Tajik asylum seeker’s rights, but all of the international rules which German and other European States had announced their commitment to them.

Abdullahi Shamsiddin escaping the wild Government of dictator Rahman asked a shelter from German Government. He had hoped that democratic Germany would investigate his case according to Resolution 429 of the UN General Assembly – The Refugee Convention. But the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees violating point 3, article 32 and point 1, article 33 of the convention, extradited Abullohi Shamsiddin to Tajikistan, where the long imprisonment, torture and death threat him.

Following human rights is necessary condition for prevention and solving the problems concerning human being. This sentence is taken from the Refugee Convention and International Right Measures for Refugees.

Investigation of a refugee’s problems should be as a checking process of people and governments of the states which want to impose democracy to dictator states. Unfortunately, your government extradited the open-minded asylum seeker to the country where the freedom of expression is prohibited and persons face long terms of Imprisonment for putting a “Like” on a social network, while this person lived for 13 years in Germany and whose opinions are in accordance with the democratic values. Though Abdullahi Shamsiddin had not political activity, he participated in Tajik opposition rallies as an open-minded person that the same position is not permitted by dictator Rahman’s regime which even pressures old parents and children of the opposition members who are in Tajikistan. So, as other opposition groups’ members the dire condition is waiting for Abdullah in Tajikistan. We know this, as well as, we had informed the European Commission and other Human Rights organizations of the present condition of Tajikistan. We are confident that besides of our letters and appeals, you are informed of condition of Tajikistan. We observed this condition in your recommendations to the Tajikistan Government. You restrict your activities with recommendations to dictator governments, but you do not disconnect your ties with them, so the condition remains concerning. In this case, nobody puts a step forward to defend human rights.

Articles 13 and 14 of the UN Declaration since 1967 which their main point consists of humanism, point out: “Forcefully repatriation of asylum seeker to a state in which a danger threats him, is prohibited”. As well as, since 1980 The European Agreement on Transfer of Responsibility for Refugees has been acting. So, who is responsible in the case of expatriation of Abullohi Shamsiddin to Tajikistan on 2023, January 23 while it has been two weeks that nobody knows where he is? During this time Abdullah’s wife is depressed and she is under psychic pressure in your country that you respect the family values. She cannot find answer for her children’s questions about their father’s where being. It has been two weeks that his mother is waiting for her son and also his father cursing himself that his son responding for his father’s activities.

Unfortunately, the German Government instead of giving a shelter to the asylum seeker, restricted freedoms and rights of him in collaboration with the Tajik Government. This move reduced the confidence of many asylum seekers in Germany.

You ignored our consecutive appeals on human rights in Tajikistan. Now it is time to look at the annual reports of international human rights organizations which evaluate Tajikistan’s condition in order not to be repeated the same mistake on case of Abudllahi Shamsidddin to somebody else.

Unfortunately, Germany could not play its role regarding to defense of human rights and could not provide appropriate shelter to Abdullahi Shamsiddin. Abdullahi Shamsiddin was extradited by German – Dushanbe plane, but he went missed on the plane.

This occasion happened in a result of Tajikistan embassy’s collaboration with the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. Officials of the embassy assured the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees that nothing threats Abdullah in Tajikistan. Does German believe the embassy or to asylum seeker who left his country and according to international legislation, has a right to ask for shelter from another country?

At the first time, when Abdullah had been brought to the airport, he reminded the German officials of the tragedy which he would face in Tajikistan. German did not feel his problem, but why did not allow him to go to another country? Why were all of the doors closed to this asylum seeker? Why doesn’t the German Government pressure the representative of the embassy who deceived Germany to inform the German officials of Abdullah’s where being? When Abdullah fled Tajikistan, he was 18 years old, he was not found guilty at the time. In Germany his colleagues and friends remember him as a good and a harmless man (links of the rally of his colleagues and the news outlets’ reports)

Today Abdullah’s family and also, the National Committee for the Release of Political Hostages and Prisoners are concerned of his fate. So, we demand from the German Government to follow his where being and contribute for his coming back to his family. This action corrects the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees’ mistake.

Save Abdullah from dictator regime and by this way implement you duty on human rights defense and democratic values. The German Government can oblige one of the diplomats of the German embassy in Tajikistan to follow Abdullah’s case and cooperate with other international organizations in order Abdullah to be released.

The National Committee for the Release of Political Hostages and Prisoners

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