The appeal of Abdullohi Shamsiddin’s father

The appeal of Shamsiddin Said, Abdullahi Shamsiddin’s father to human rights organizations

In the name of merciful Allah

It has been 40 days since my son, Abdullah’s deport to Tajikistan. Since than we have no exact information about his where being, health and according to which article of the Criminal Code of Tajikistan has been accused.

The interior Minister and also the Attorney General do not know where he has been detained. As well as, The Committee for Security of Tajikistan is keeping silence on his where being.

First, we, Abdullah’s relatives were optimistic that he has been alive and healthy and would appear on TV screen. But now we are hopeless and were informed that he is under pressure and lost his health. Even sometimes we think that maybe he is not alive.

So, I appeal to international and human rights organization, embassies of foreign countries in Tajikistan to help us to find my son Abdullohi Shamsiddin.

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